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In a sense, this company is all about websites: the amazing advertising, making and sales tool that provides you visibility or Internet presence to the entire world. We at Smart Choice Website Development use the most modern programming tools that are available to plan, design and build the website project that you bring to us. Whether it is just to design the logo for your company's website or put all the components together into a fully functional website, our team of experts are up to the task helping you with your projects (from start to finish). We are experts in many tools such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML5, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, ASP.NET, mySQL, MSSQL, coding & support for Linux & MS ASPX platforms. We also build mobile websites and eCommerce / Online Shopping (Carts), do SEOs and Analytics, etc.



A domain name is a name (or more correctly, an Internet address) by which your website can be accessed or reached on the Internet (it is the part that goes after the www. or http:// in a web-address). A typical website address is (which can also be written as, or simply as The domain name in this example is and it is what has to be purchased for the web-address of A & B Print's website (this website that you are on right now). Every website needs a domain-name - so you need to purchase one for your intended website. But just having a domain-name does not mean that you have a website! Your website needs to be developed by a website developer and we can also provide the services for that for your need. Once a website is built, you will need to host it - and this is where you need to purchase hosting for it.



Do you want to go into the business of selling domain names, and hosting to others? Yes, you can also sell you the package that makes you a reseller of these services.


There are certain additional benefits that go with having your own reseller account with us, which include the following:


  • You receive commission for every sale you make
  • Free hosting space available for you on your reseller purchase
  • Free email space on your free hosting account


It sounds good in your ears and you look interested but you do not know how it works or if there is a hidden catch? First off, there's absolutely no catch from our company about this and secondly, you can give us a call or contact us and we will give you a free informational consultation that will rest your doubts.