About Our Company

About Our Team of Experts

Smart Choice Website Development company is a meeting point or conglomeration of expertise in various sectors  are relevant to and that come to bear in the website development industry: programming language experts (front- and back- ends programmers), graphics designers, user-interface experts, text-content writers and website-usability testers - all working together to produce the best of what our customers desire and expect. Sounds overwhelming? Yes, it takes amazing collaboration of efforts of different skills sets to actualize any beautiful work of art, and a website is one of such products.


We pride ourselves having the best of cream of team-members with many years of effective experiences (the least of which is about 5 years) in the skills that they bring to the successful functionality of our company. Our team members enjoy what they do and what they each bring to the table in any project that we undertake. They are simply fun to work with. We do all we must to engage our customers in the project we do for them, ensuring that their wishes and expectations are well considered in the actualization of their jobs. They bring their expertise to the customers without the need to appear overbearing and ensuring that the customers still feel the sense of overall control of what they pay for.


That's not all about our team. A very well-designed website amounts to little if it is not optimized so that it can easily be found on the Internet. For this and other proficiency reasons, we have a team of sales, marketing and social-media experts that can fine-tune your website and advise you on ideas that will help you achieve search-engine optimization (SEO) and improve visibility and accessibility for your company on the world-wide web.

Our company provides website development and hosting services. There are two major steps to having your own website, namely build the website and host it on the Internet for access to world out there (which includes your current and potential customers). Hosting it further involves  acquiring a domain name for your website, but that's not all: you will have to host the website on some server our there. Yes, there are companies out there whose job it is to host it (that means, put your website files on their server(s)) so that other computers on the Internet can then access it. In short, you need to build your website, acquire a domain name and finally host it on some server out there on the Internet. These three functions form the components of our company: we help you develop your website, purchase a domain name and purchase hosting for the website.


We have a fourth component to our company, which is, help you become a reseller. In a nutshell, that means that we can help you do part of what we do, which is: have your own reseller account with which you can then sell domain names and hosting services to others (out there) who will be your own customers.