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In a nutshell, a website gives you and your product the chance of a fair access to customers all over the world. At our Smart Choice Website Development company, we have an enviable team of experts, that include computer code programmers and graphics designers (among others) that make your website a reality and your acquired  tool for Internet advertisement and presence.


We have a team of professionally trained computer programming experts who are saddled with the task of helping you with your projects (from start to finish). We are experts in the use of many tools such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML5, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, ASP.NET, mySQL, MSSQL, coding & support for Linux & MS ASPX platforms. We also build mobile websites and eCommerce / Online Shopping (Carts), do SEOs and Analytics, etc.


Our Graphic Designers are proficient with the use of the following Abode software products (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and InDesign) and in the use of CorelDraw (the Canadian owned graphics package).


Our graphic design experts work seamlessly with our website developers to give you the website result that will work for your needs.

For a comprehensive detail on what domain names, hosting and reseller accounts are, please, feel free to visit our Services page. In summary, these are three services (the first two of which are a must for all website presence on the Internet. In other words, you do not need a reseller account or service in order to put a website out there on the Internet.


At our company, we not only build your website (upon your request), we have the capability to help you acquire domain names and the hosting that you need to make your website active on the World Wide Web. In order words, we sell domain names and hosting for websites and we encourage you to buy from us, as well as build your website with us.



Unlike many of our competition that tell you that they will get you on "page 1" of Google or any search-engine, we believe in the truth and transparency in letting our customers know that being on page 1 of any search-engine is a shared responsibility between service-providers such as Google, your SEO experts (such as your website developer, marketing agencies, etc) and some internal efforts from your company.


In other words, it is a myth that you just pay someone to build your website, pay someone to do your search-engine optimization (SEO) and bingo, you are on page One! Think of it, if you have about 50 other companies competing with you for this page One spot and they all pay the same provider to build their websites and do the SEO for them, who will get bumped off the page One (since obviously, the 51 of you cannot be on page One at the same time)?!!


Therefore in effect, other than the efforts of your website developer and SEO expert (this might be the same person or company), the efforts that your company makes all add up to determine who stays on page One or out of it. We teach you what to do on your own part to get this enviable spot and do all you can to remain there!!